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Statistics underpin the conference and meeting industry’s importance with explicit data and raise people’s awareness for this sector of the Austrian economy. They form the basis for improved market investigations and benchmarking with other countries and allow us to make out and watch trends.

The Austrian conference and meeting industry speaks for Austria as a business location. Strong positioning and general awareness of the importance and standing of the conference and meeting industry by way of explicit data consolidate Austria’s credibility and competence as a conference location.

Search here for national and international statistics on tourism and the conference industry.

What our members say
  • The digital platform of the ACB offers an ideal opportunity to present our company. We also appreciate the commitment of the ACB as lobbying platform within Austria and as an information hub and crosslink of the industry itself. The Convention4u is a highlight every year in the development of our employees.
  • The Austrian Convention Bureau is the Austrian platform for conference venues, event facilities and services related to events. A major reason of membership is the possible exchange of experiences among colleagues - particularly at the Convention4u - and the observation of the latest trends and developments in the industry.
  • The Palais Niederösterreich and the Conference Center Laxenburg are members of the ACB, because both places are very well positioned in the national and international congress market through the activities and promotion of ACB in addition to our sales and marketing activities. We appreciate the internal networking and communication with other companies as well as the Convention4u.